The support concept arranges for several modes of user support. Basis of the concept is a user training that acquaints the user fundamentally with all application issues, mainly the graphical user interface. The training also informs about all possibilities and the limits of TrainBraC.

Software documentation, online help function and information on this website represent a permanent source of information for the user while working on the problem.

In case some problem seems to be unsolvable the user always has the possibility to make use of a multi level user support.

Multi-Level Support

The support concept includes a multi-level user support in order to take into account the needs of different users.

First Level Support

This support level offers assistance and explanations via phone or e-mail in order to refresh knowledge of training issues and to support the user in solving less complex problems. These support activities are free of charge. However only key-users (users that have been trained by the TrainBraC cooperation) are qualified to benefit.

Second Level Support

With this level advanced support is offered to the user in order to enable him to solve also rather complex problems. This is a service with costs and will be contracted individually with respect to the extent and complexity of the problem to be solved.


This programm has an online-help available. The online help offers general explanations regarding calculation principles and handling of TrainBraC.

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